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With over 16 years of professional tutoring experience, we offer personally trained instructors for In-home tutoring and high-definition video conferencing for students everywhere. We are unlike other tutoring companies that merely send out tutors to homes and ask parents to “ test-drive “ their teachers and send feedback every month. Our teachers have received training at a tutoring center: observation of elite, personal mentors, training in innovative approaches, and real-time feedback during one-on-one teaching situations from extraordinary people in personalized instruction.

We view ourselves as accelerated teachers and seek to impart “a cutting edge” to those individuals through personal one-on-one tutoring and high definition video conferencing. While we offer a wide variety of subjects and classes for private and semiprivate, we impart enthusiasm and motivation to students through professional private lessons. We are adept with accelerated programs, exceptional students, and those individuals that are experiencing difficulty with subjects and traditional learning processes. We implement styles and approaches not seen by those in the mainstream, yet fully handle explanations of traditional approaches.

At DCI Academy we facilitate those students that may just need some short-term help, motivation, and knowledge for test-taking and focus in study habits. While we acknowledge that grades are an academic record and have become an educational footstep, we know that it is the sharpening of the mind, clarity of purpose, and motivation which yield a more productive present and future.

Please call for a consultation with our director of assessment and tutoring via phone.

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