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DCI Academy provides one-on-one In-home tutoring and High-definition video conferencing for students that need a professional tutor ASAP. .

We invite those interested in providing a customized and academically progressive learning environment for their children to come to DCI Academy for professional help. Because we also offer HD video conferencing, We are now not limited to travel and scheduling limitations. We conbine one-on-one tutoring in conjuction with video conferencing for personalized tutoring and ease of scheduling.

Our experience in working with children and adults one-to-one over 16 years in a tutoring academy gives us an effectual, progressive approach to helping students accelerate one-on-one with In-home tutoring and/or High-definition video conferencing.

Please call to schedule a consultation. Remember, our tutoring program is always available to meet your child's needs and is flexible to meet your schedule.


Our services cover a broad-range of areas and ages K~12th; IB program students, AP students; college students, and even adults in vocational retraining:

  • Academic assessment in all core subject areas and levels including GED; state tests; PSAT, SAT, ACT and SAT Level II tests.

  • Definitive goals with clear objectives for achieving those goals

  • Professional tutoring with an academic environment for support and acceleration

  • Counseling with parents and students when appropriate

  • Participation at Parent-teacher conferences when requested

  • Innovative learning methods that promote speed, accuracy, and confidence in math, writing, reading, and languages.

  • Kinetic activities that reinforce and accelerate learning in math

  • Applicable knowledge through science projects and technology

  • Proctoring tests, Simulating test situations, Eliminating test anxiety

  • Language learning: bilingual; ESL; and foreign languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish

  • Study Skills

  • Learning support for children with dyslexia, A.D.D. and other learning difficulties