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The most apparent advantage at DCI Academy is the speed of progress by the student. The professional tutor exists for the student's acceleration and achievement within a defined schedule . We understand that students are frustrated with typical, traditional teaching methods, and that the answer to their problems is not remedied with similar instructors. We deliver the skills, knowledge, and acumen for their mastery and confidence; we also prepare them for their current academic goals. We achieve these goals through one-one-one tutoring and HD video conferencing.

The following are results of DCI Academy:

  • Elementary students perform calculations as fast or faster than their teachers.

  • Middle school students achieve proper study habits, raise test scores or challenge advanced levels of math in preparation for secondary school.

  • High school students raise SAT scores by more than 250 points.

  • Youth and Adults assimilate languages adroitly.

  • Students assimilate punctuation based on patterns as reflected in their individual writing style and are confident in what type of punctuation to use.

  • Middle school students challenge two years of math and enter calculus their first year in high school.

  • Kindergarten students increase reading speed and comprehension by two grade levels.

  • Elementary students that previously numerated on fingers, add and subtract multiple digits without using fingers.

  • College students gain confidence in math courses and finish with an “A” on the final test.