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At DCI Academy, the first step is consultation; this is paramount for the parent since they will meet our staff and understand our tutoring expertise. This is also extremely important for us, since we receive important background information and pertinent interaction with the parents and children.


Many tutoring companies offer assessments today. Some tout an informal assessment for free while tutoring during the first few sessions. Other franchise companies, end up giving two-and-a-half hour written tests that appear extremely detailed yet yield little in the way of how the mind is interacting with the materials and where the solutions are to be found.

DCI Academy offers a formal assessment that can be completed in about 50 minutes for most levels. Our evaluators are the elite tutors and leaders with extensive experience and interaction with students. We know what we are looking for and find patterns of the student's needs quickly.

While a formal assessment is not mandatory, an overall assessment reveals a clarified target and goal, and possible solutions for achieving those goals based on the student's mental processing.

A Rapid Start and Affordable Path

Tutoring is affordable and efficient through private one-on-one tutoring sessions and HD video conferencing classes at DCI Academy. After the first month, we can potentially save the parents $12~$18 per session, even with professional instructors. Compare this to to the “educational consultants” of in-home tutoring companies, which perform “test-drive” and rent a part-time teacher for 16 session payment plans. No parent wants to spend a few weeks “test-driving” a teacher; a parent really needs a professional from the start.


At DCI academy we can work with the student and school teacher through their current curriculum or prepare them over the summer for their upcoming class in the fall. If the parent wants a solid foundation at a specific level, we can instruct one grade level through any given subject.

Special Need Students

With those special need students, we offer student-centric learning styles that are not offered by other tutoring centers. We understand how certain students have problems making connections with numbers, how writing and reading is difficult, spelling and handwriting is arduous. We know that these students really need one-to-one tutoring that is kinetic, pattern based, visual-- and most importantly--developed for them. We also know that we need to demonstrate to them how quickly we can help them in approaches that will work with greater ease.